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Car Insurance Rates – Can You Lower Them?


 Car   insurance  rates are prohibitive nowadays. Many families really struggle to pay the  car   insurance  bill each month. And  car   insurance  rates vary all the time. So if  car   insurance  cost is an issue for you, what can you do about it?

The  car   insurance  industry is a massive industry. It is also a highly competitive one, and  car   insurance  rates vary over time as  car   insurance  companies compete for business.  Car   insurance  rates are often highly fluid.

It is entirely possible to lower the cost of your auto  insurance  rates by altering your behaviour, and you can do this by having a better understanding of how the rates are assessed.

 Car   insurance  rates are based on an assessment of risk. Whilst  insurance  companies vary their rates to compete with other  insurance  companies, they also vary their rates based on their assessment of the risk posed by a particular driver driving a particular  car . They do this because there is no point in buying business with low  car   insurance  rates and then insuring high risk drivers at these rates. This is a recipe for losing money.

So, if you lower your risk, you lower your  car   insurance . How do you

lower your risk? Well there’s a number of ways that your own driving and  car  behaviour can affect your  car   insurance  rates.

Have a look at the car you drive. Is it suitable for your current needs? If not then would it be worthwhile to consider a change?

Different  cars  attract different auto  insurance  rates. Sports cars, high powered cars and cars at greater risk of theft attract higher rates. How long have you had your car and would it be wise to think about another one that would be cheaper to insure and more useful to you?

Are you a safe driver? Do you stick to the speed limit? Are you at risk of other driving offences? Many people do not think about some of the consequences of speeding tickets and driving offences until after they have seen their subsequent  car   insurance  bill.

Your risk profile is a direct result of your driving record. A clean driving record and you will be rewarded by cheaper rates. A poor driving record and you will be penalised, usually for quite a while.

Are you willing to attend driver training courses? Many  car   insurance  companies offer specific discounts for drivers who have attended a course. Why? Lower risk.

Are you willing to drive less? Could you car pool or use public transport to get to work?  Car   insurance  companies look at the amount of driving their clients do when assessing their  car   insurance  rates. Why? Lower risk. Less miles driven equals less risk. And you’ll save on other car costs too.

So if auto  insurance  costs are an issue for you and your family there are things you can do. These are just a few of those things, there are many more.  Car   insurance  rates are not set in stone.

Source by Peter Crump